Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is distance-learning and how would I typically study under this method?

A: By distance-learning, the candidate would receive 1 or 2 modules by airmail registered post which includes all the reading materials, books, disks/CD ROM, videos, etc for each module and your tutor contact point. You would then begin each chapter and go through questions set for you at the end of each chapter. At the module end, the candidate completes an extended essay which is returned to your tutor by email or post. Further modules are sent after each course is completed. During the course, candidates may contact tutors who assist you in your studies.

Q: When can I start the programme?

A: There are no special enrollment dates. Candidates may begin the programme at anytime of the year after their acceptance.

Q: How long does the programme take?

A: Most candidates can complete the course in 1 year, and some, in a lesser period.

Q: Do I require a high standard of English in order to take the programme?

A: Yes, since all of the course is in the English language, a candidate would need a good comprehension of written English and be able to write clearly in English in order to complete the written assignments.

Q: What is the level of the Advanced Diploma and Licenciate?

A: The Advanced Diploma and Licenciate are university level programmes. Candidates often have existing qualifications at university undergraduate and postgraduate level before joining the course.

Q: Are there provisions for candidates sponsored by their governments?

A: The Registrar can issue documentation confirming a candidate is enrolled on the distance-learning programme.

Q: Do I have to take all 4 modules or can I take only 1 module of my choice from the modules?

A: Candidates who are not enrolled for the Advanced Diploma or Licenciate may take any single module they choose from the module list on a stand alone basis. A certificate of completion is issued to candidates successfully completing the module(s).

Q: What is the difference between the Advanced Diploma and the Licenciate?

A: The Advanced Diploma requires the completion of 4 modules. The Licenciate requires the completion of 4 modules and a dissertation, that is, a written, original study.

Q: Can I attend seminars at the Diplomatic Council?

A: Yes, there are residential seminars organised in both Oxford and Cambridge, normally in the summer, in research methodology, international law and human rights law. Please contact the Director, Seminars, for further information.

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