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In providing education and training in diplomacy, the Diplomatic Council believes that diplomacy is a vital activity. The study of diplomacy requires an understanding of the functions of diplomacy, diplomatic history and diplomatic law. The Diplomatic Council, Oxford, provide this opportunity to help you meet your educational and professional goals through a non-traditional, distance learning rigorous programme of higher education responsive to your educational needs.

Continual self-improvement is required for success, but geographic location, economic considerations, family responsibilities, employment demands all limit opportunities for further education. However, the programmes and study methods of the Diplomatic Council, make those reasons obsolete.

We offer an affordable Advanced Diploma or Licenciate in Diplomacy, Diplomatic and Consular Law and Practice programme to motivated first-time, continuing, and returning adult learners and working professionals who seek self-directed professional growth and personal development in a way that accomodates and enhances their other commitments to life and work. We serve members of the diplomatic community worldwide as well as other interested scholars in the public and private sector. You can enroll at any time and complete your coursework as time permits, minimising the distance between your tutor and yourself through universally accessible distance-learning technologies and candidate- centred teaching techniques.

Our purpose is to help you meet your educational and professional goals by an intellectual challenge that will deepen your understanding of diplomacy by means of historical, legal and contemporary enquiry.


Professor Peter Quinn


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